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$217K Judgement for Former NFL Star Darryl Ashmore Secured by Dabdoub Law Firm

Dabdoub Law Firm is proud to announce we have secured a judgement worth $217,800 for former National Football League (NFL) star Darryl Ashmore. The case against the NFL and its Player Disability & Neurocognitive Benefit Plan — more commonly called “the Plan” — was managed by founding long-term disability insurance Attorney Edward Dabdoub, Attorney Carter Sox, and Associate Attorney Kevin Schaefer. By combining our talents and experience, we were able to confidently take on and defeat a legal opponent as sizeable as the NFL itself, which is notorious for underpaying or denying long-term disability benefits claims for its injured players.

Key Details of Ashmore’s Case Against the NFL

Darryl Ashmore, who played more than 11 seasons as an NFL player, attempted to gain deserved disability insurance benefits from the NFL Plan in 2015. He complained of chronic pain, migraines, back pain, degenerative arthritis, and other serious medical conditions, all of which should have qualified him for long-term disability insurance benefits. Instead of getting the support and care he needed, Ashmore was subjected to a red-tape run-around conducted by the NFL, who demanded he attend multiple prerequisite medical screenings in multiple states in only a brief window of time. Given his crippling medical conditions, the demand was entirely unreasonable and unsafe. When he asked for more accommodating screening locations, Ashmore was ultimately denied disability benefits.

Ashmore came to Dabdoub Law Firm, a long-term disability law firm that serves clients from all around the country, for guidance throughout his case for professional claim management and legal advocacy. When the NFL denied an initial appeal to reverse or challenge the unreasonable denial, Attorney Dabdoub and his team knew the next step would have to be a lawsuit that would probably lead to litigation.

The NFL’s defense tried to prop up any number of legal tactics to shut down them down, including accusing them of creating a “frivolous” lawsuit. It is through the persistence and insight of Dabdoub Law Firm that Ashmore’s case was capable of withstanding the expected aggressions of the opposition. In the end, United States District Judge Kenneth Marra ordered a judgement worth nearly $218,000 in owed and future disability benefits, including an interest of about $16,400 for the unjustified delay.

(For more information about the Ashmore NFL disability claim case, you can click here to visit a full article posted by the Daily Business Review of Login or subscription may be necessary.)

With the Right Representation, Anything is Possible

The Ashmore case victory is tremendous in both that it brings deserved long-term disability benefits to a former NFL star, but in that it also creates significant implications for future NFL disability claims. The NFL relied on every legal tactic it could to try to avoid supporting Ashmore’s disability claim, and it failed. The precedents set forth by this case can pave the way for future claimants who are denied in a similar manner, and it may force the NFL to improve its disability plan in management, scope, and execution.

Here at Dabdoub Law Firm, we could not be prouder of our team of long-term disability benefits lawyers who managed this case for Ashmore. Throughout our history of practice experience, we have dealt with every major insurance company in the United States with success, and this track record continues with this victory over the NFL. We believe it shows assuredly that there is always hope for long-term disability claimants who have been denied or otherwise mistreated by insurance providers. You should never give up, not when Dabdoub Law Firm and our disability lawyers and ERISA attorneys are here to help.

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