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What is the Mental Health Limitation?

mental healthThe issue of a mental health limitation in insurance coverage may come into play if you make a long-term disability insurance claim. As you prepare or pursue such a claim for compensation, you need to understand the obstacles that may stand in your way to garnering the financial recovery to which you are entitled.

Overview of the Mental Health Limitation

In basic terms, the mental health limitation is a restriction on the amount of covered expenses you can incur for mental health treatment during any calendar year. This includes a limitation in a situation in which you are pursuing a long-term disability claim, even when a mental health condition is a major component of that claim.

A formula normally is utilized to determine what the cap or limitation on mental health coverage will be in a particular calendar year. In other words, the mental health limit is set as a percentage of the overall amount paid out in a calendar year pursuant to a claim, including a claim arising out of a long-term insurance policy.

Keep in mind that the limitation typically applies to treatment. What this means is that if expenses were incurred in attempting to diagnose a mental health condition in the first instance that amount of money expended is not part of the annual limitation calculation. With that said, more often than not, the amount of money expended on diagnosing a mental health condition proves to pale in comparison to what ultimately can be required to treat that condition.

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