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Reliance Standard Approved Long-Term Disability Appeal For Florida Client With Cognitive Impairments

Reliance Standard approved a long-term disability appeal for a Florida client. Before his disability, our client worked as an Intelligence Training Manager for the U.S. Navy. A fight with Hepatitis C led to cirrhosis of his liver and encephalopathy. He ended up having a liver transplant.

His fight with hepatitis C caused permanent destruction to his health. He suffers from chronic pain, type II diabetes, neuropathy, depression, and cognitive impairments. His cognitive complaints consist of impaired attention and concentration, impaired memory, and delayed processing.

Reliance Standard paid long-term disability benefits for more than 5 years. Still, Reliance Standard terminated his benefits claiming he had improved. It stated he could work as a trainer, consultant, or coordinator.

Our Firm’s Appeal was Approved

The client hired us to file a long-term disability appeal with Reliance Standard. In the appeal, we argued our client was disabled due to the combination of all conditions. We submitted updated medical records, letters of support from his doctors and coworkers, and the results of a neuropsychological evaluation. We also disputed the findings of an independent medical evaluation conducted by Reliance Standard’s doctor.

Reliance claimed our client was not physically disabled. It did find he was disabled due to major depression. The policy has a 24 month limitation for mental illnesses, including depression. Thus, it awarded limited benefits.

In its decision, Reliance dismissed our client’s cognitive impairments. It held depression contributed to such impairments, and thus fell under the 24 month limitation

In a second appeal, we argued Reliance was again wrong. We maintained cognitive issues were a result of encephalopathy, not depression. It was our position that cognitive impairments did not fall under the mental health limitation just because depression may have contributed to them. We were able to point to a recent court decision for support. Using our prior victory in court, we argued that Reliance Standard must prove our client’s mental health illnesses substantially contributed to cognitive impairments. We claimed Reliance Standard had not done so, nor could it. We maintained cognitive impairments prevented our client from working in the occupations identified by Reliance Standard.

Reliance Standard ultimately agreed, reversed its decision and approved our client’s appeal.

We are Here to Help

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