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Cancer Patient Fights for LTD Benefits After Prudential Ends Coverage Early

A JP Morgan Chase executive in Kendall Park, New Jersey was heartbroken to learn he could no longer continue his career due to his myeloma, a form of incurable cancer that continued to worsen. He was shocked to learn that Prudential canceled his long-term disability insurance benefits early, despite there clearly being no improvement in his condition. The cancer has stricken him both physically and mentally, making him unable to continue any form of work. Dabdoub Law Firm was contacted to set things right, which we did by convincing Prudential to reverse its early termination of his benefits.

Details of the Myeloma Disability Case

Our client underwent invasive back surgery in early 2017. The procedure revealed signs of cancer, which was confirmed shortly thereafter through a continued diagnosis. He was diagnosed with myeloma, a cancer of blood plasma. To try to treat his myeloma, he underwent various surgeries and bone marrow transplants with varying success. Today, he is crippled by both chronic pain and significant mental health concerns, including but not limited to memory impairment and an inability to focus.

The cognitive impairment and chronic pain prevented our client from continuing his work with JP Morgan Chase. Indeed, any sort of occupation is now an impossibility due to his disabilities. Prudential initially approved of his long-term disability (LTD) benefits, only to reverse its stance later and terminate the benefits early.

Why Did Prudential Cancel the LTD Benefits?

Given that myeloma is incurable and our client’s cancer treatments are ongoing, there appears to be no logical reason for Prudential to have terminated his LTD benefits early. It can only be concluded that Prudential misunderstood the nature of the case entirely, thinking our client was only suffering due to various back surgeries. The failure to acknowledge or understand our client’s cancer appears to be the reason why Prudential relied on an erroneous medical review from one of its own in-house nurse consultants, rather than all of the information available through our client’s own medical records.

Using our extensive legal experience and our sole focus on LTD benefits cases, our team from Dabdoub Law Firm was able to rapidly identify Prudential’s mistakes. We detailed all the reasons why it had made a severe error in judgment within a challenge letter sent on our client’s behalf. We are pleased to announce that Prudential admitted to the error of its ways and reinstated our client’s benefits, allowing him to do as much as he can to try to continue to rest.

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