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Financial Systems Analyst Receives Short Term & Long Term Benefits from Sun Life for Chronic Back Pain

Our long term disability insurance attorneys of Dabdoub Law Firm are pleased to announce yet another case success for a client in need. Our client was a financial systems analyst who required short term disability benefits following a total knee replacement. However, she also suffered from chronic back pain that made work difficult, if not impossible. Sun Life approved her short term disability benefits, but only briefly, before terminating the benefits and refusing to acknowledge the disability caused by her chronic pain. Our attorneys were able to counter the benefits denial, cite federal ERISA law, present an appeal, and secure the deserved benefits, including future care, for our client.

Details of the Knee & Back Pain Appeals Case

Total knee replacement surgery was conducted on our client in February 2018. Sun Life provided needed short term disability insurance benefits, but would terminate them on June 9th, 2018. The insurance company based its early termination of the benefits on the apparent improvement of our client’s knee complications. It did not, however, pay any mind to preexisting medical evidence of her chronic back pain, which was also significantly and permanently disabling. In May 2018, our client’s orthopedic specialist noted she was “permanently disabled” due to worsening back conditions. There are also medical records to show a previous traumatic brain injury limited her ability to perform necessary work functions.

Furthermore, a variety of treatments and testing were conducted throughout 2018 that all show her back condition was not improving. X-rays and MRIs revealed clearly that her spine was experiencing significant complications, including degenerative disc disease.

Sun Life made the decision to terminate her short term disability benefits and close any hope of long term disability insurance (LTD) benefits based only on information regarding her knee and its replacement surgery. It seemed to intentionally ignore the vast amount of medical evidence that spoke of her back pain and related disabilities. Indeed, the insurance company allowed the review of our client’s claim to fall upon just one of its contracted registered nurses, who is not known to have any orthopedic specialty.

Dabdoub Law Firm was called upon to do what we do best: stand up to insurance companies on behalf of the disabled. We constructed a strong appeal for our client and sent it to Sun Life specific demands for the reinstatement of short term disability benefits and approve future LTD benefits. Under the weight of our calculated appeal and case, Sun Life conceded. We are proud to say our client is looking at a much more comfortable future thanks to our efforts.

Our Disability Lawyers Can Help You

As a law firm focused only on helping people get disability benefits from insurance companies, Dabdoub Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in disability benefits for clients across the country. Our disability insurance lawyers have challenged every major insurance company when they have denied long-term disability benefits to our clients. Every lawyer in our office focuses on disability insurance claims, appeals, and lawsuits.

With so much at stake, shouldn’t you have experienced disability lawyers on your side? Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, your disability lawyer does not have to be located in your state to act on your behalf.

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