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Aetna Inexplicably Terminates Benefits for Medical Technologist Patient with MS, Dabdoub Law Firm Intervenes

Despite providing long term disability (LTD) benefits to our client for years based on his multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, Aetna terminated those benefits without warning or reasoning. Our client was left without the financial support he desperately needed, and so he came to Dabdoub Law Firm and our long term disability insurance attorneys for representation. We moved quickly to gather medical evidence of our client’s degenerative MS, which is commonly known to cause worse and worse debilitations as time goes on. It does not improve. Our attorneys sent a comprehensive appeal to Aetna that left no room for doubt of his continued disability. At risk of being taken to court and grilled before a judge and jury for wrongful benefit’s termination, Aetna conceded and reinstated our client’s benefits as needed.

Details of the Early MS Benefits Termination Case

Our client held employment as a medical technologist who was known by his coworkers as someone who genuinely loved his job. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with degenerative multiple sclerosis in March 2015. The disabilities caused by the medical condition forced him to cease work and file for disability benefits.

Aetna acknowledged our client’s MS and resulting disability, stating in its own words that he was “totally disabled from any gainful occupation.” Approximately three years after first receiving LTD benefits from Aetna, the insurance company did a complete about-face and terminated his benefits in April 2018. Why Aetna had reached the decision to eliminate his benefits and determine his apparent lack of disability is not known.

There were no available medical records to indicate that our client’s MS had been cured. Indeed, as is normal of the disease, it had only worsened. Our attorneys from Dabdoub Law Firm analyzed and compiled an extensive collection of medical records that proved without a doubt that our client’s MS continued to cause him debilitation today, just as it did when he was first diagnosed and given LTD benefits. Records we accessed were from a variety of medical specialists, including neurologists, primary care physicians, psychologists, hematologists, and physical therapists.

In our appeal filed to Aetna, we demanded to either see justifiable reasoning for the termination, or the immediate reinstatement of his benefits. Our appeal was further backed by Aetna’s own previous statements and assessments that acknowledged the severity and permanence of his disability. Furthermore, we discovered Aetna had surveilled our client for three days to try to videotape him performing any sort of action deemed undoable due to his MS. Not surprisingly, no such evidence was recorded or reported.

Aetna conceded following our appeal, and our client now enjoys his deserved long term disability benefits once again.

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