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Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that causes the immune system to attack the protective coverings of your own nerve cells. The diseases progression can be slowed with some treatment, but there is no known cure. As the medical condition advances, its symptoms can become so painful or problematic, completing any sort of regular work duty becomes an unreasonable challenge for the patient. Long-term disability coverage from an employer’s insurance group or a private-provider may be granted to the patient, helping them stay financially afloat with disability insurance benefits.

To make certain your multiple sclerosis disability insurance claim is created, filed, and managed correctly, come to Dabdoub Law Firm. Our long-term disability lawyers have more than 20 years of experience making certain disabled workers in all sorts of occupations get the benefits they need and deserve. We have the skills and knowledge needed to support you throughout your claim, including appeal unfair denials, negotiating settlement amounts, and litigating cases in federal court.

Reasons why Dabdoub Law Firm is set apart from others include:

  • Millions of dollars in disability benefits recovered for clients.
  • History of dealing with every major insurance company in the nation.
  • Intentional focus on long-term disability cases and claims – no distractions.
  • Free initial consultations are offered to all inquiring clients.

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About Multiple Sclerosis & Its Symptoms

As a disease related to autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis is difficult to diagnose, understand, and alleviate. Patients with multiple sclerosis – or MS as it is often called in medical contexts – will have a demanding road ahead of them. Simply looking for treatments and using them can take the better part of their schedules. Trying to maintain regular and gainful employment while living with MS might prove impossible, making long-term disability insurance benefits a necessity.

The symptoms of MS are as varied as they are devastating, such as:

While there are some treatments that can lessen MS symptoms, none are known for impressive effectiveness. Some patients will be prescribed drug regiments to suppress their immune system, which slows down the nerve degradation but also makes them more susceptible to illness. Others might be put through chemotherapy, which brings numerous health complications in turn. When everything is considered, it should be no argument that an MS patient needs and deserves long-term disability insurance to help make ends meet.

We Challenge Big Insurers So You Don’t Have To

The coverage needed by a multiple sclerosis patient can be much more expensive than patients with most other chronic conditions. As a result, disability insurance companies may try to knowingly avoid coverage payouts to save its own finances, disregarding the needs of the patient entirely. Insurance companies seem to be intent on terminating disability benefits for young chronic illness claimants — usually people aged 45 and under. It only gets more difficult with the passage of time to remove a patient’s benefits when the disabling condition is expected to worsen, so insurance companies might spring at the chance to cut them off early.

Our ERISA attorneys and long-term disability insurance lawyers are here to make certain you and your claim are respected. Depend on us for every step of your case so you can focus on maximizing your own comfort.

You can get a free consultationwith Dabdoub Law Firm. We represent clients all across the nation and from all types of occupations.


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