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LTD Benefits from MetLife Reinstated for Entertainment Star Living with Comorbid Conditions

Dabdoub Law Firm and our team of long term disability lawyers recently had the honor of representing a well-known entertainment star, whose identity will remain unsaid to preserve client privacy. He excelled in his career as an entertainer, winning him two Emmys, two other Emmy nominations, and two Tellys. However, he was diagnosed with several comorbid conditions in the 2000s, which cut his career short. Each health condition was disabling on its own, but the result of them all together was particularly debilitating.

MetLife acknowledged his disabilities and provided him with long term disability (LTD) benefits. Yet more than a decade later, the insurance company decided to terminate his LTD benefits early after a brief, misinformed review of his conditions. We challenged the termination with an appeal and successfully argued for the reinstatement of his benefits.

Details of the Comorbid Condition Early Termination Case

In 2006, our client’s failing health came to a head, preventing him to continue his profession as an entertainer. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, hepatitis C, neuropathy, and hypertension. Chronic pain and bodily weakness are known symptoms of his physical disorders. Uncontrolled mood swings, intense manic and depressive episodes, and unpredictable cognitive impairment are known symptoms of bipolar disorder.

MetLife agreed to provide our client with a long term disability income plan not long after his collective diagnoses in January 2007. In May 2018, MetLife unexpectedly sent our client a letter that explained they had terminated his long term disability benefits, which had been approved more than a decade earlier in his life. How did the insurance company decide he was no longer disabled when it is commonly known that his health conditions only worsen with time?

According to MetLife, our client’s 2015 to 2018 medical records were provided to a paid physician consultant for evaluation. Using this limited picture of our client’s health, and social media images of him attending public events with family members posted, the consultant decided he was no longer disabled. This decision came in spite of the many other years of medical evidence to the contrary, as well as the lack of any current statements from medical experts that would assert his stabilization.

As unusual as it may seem for an insurance company to cancel long term disability benefits many years after approving them, Dabdoub Law Firm has actually seen many cases like this in the past. We applied our experience and insight into the creation of our client’s appeal. We successfully challenged MetLife’s misinformed decision and were able to get his benefits reinstated.

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