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MetLife Wrongfully Denies LTD Benefits for Austin Dentist with Chronic Pain

A Minor Disability with Major Consequences

Ms. X has filed for disability benefits with great disappointment. She once thrived as a dentist, but now her career has ended early. Chronic pain has plagued her for years, leading to several different symptoms that affect her work. Ms. X worked hard to push through the pain and keep her career going. She loved being a dentist and couldn't imagine quitting.

Despite her best efforts, the pain and her other symptoms became too much to bear. Ms. X stopped working at a charitable group foundation. She can still do many activities, but she can't do one critical thing. She can't be a dentist without risking her or her patients’ safety.

According to her insurance policy, she should be able to collect disability if she can't successfully perform her job. This is clearly the case. To perform dentistry, Ms. X must bend and tilt her head in different ways. She needs to look down while reaching out her hands towards her patients. For long or complex dental work, she must stay in these positions for long periods. Her current condition causes too much pain to perform these motions successfully. After working for a day, she left hurting, and a week's work made the pain intolerable.

A pain management specialist has been caring for Ms. X since 2017. He knows her health issues well, and he agrees that Ms. X cannot sit for long or bend forward without suffering. These activities are crucial for properly attending to patients. Therefore, Ms. X should qualify for disability benefits.

A Firm Advocating for Benefits

Our firm asked MetLife many times for a full claim packet, but they did not. We decided to act. Our team sent a claim for long-term disability benefits. We gathered the forms and details we believe MetLife needed and included these in our claim.

Also, we told MetLife to start the claim review process at once. It was clear to us that Ms. X should get disability benefits. We pressed MetLife to look at the papers we sent, insisting that they review the information now. Our methods got results. Ms. X now has the benefits she needs. We made sure of this.

We helped Ms. X in her time of need. Her well-being mattered to us, as it does with all our clients. Our team stood by Ms. X, and we got her claim through. MetLife's response came slower than we wanted, but we kept pushing. Our efforts paid off. Ms. X's case is closed, and the results are just.

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