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Dabdoub Law Firm Appeals to Hartford for San Jose Production Technician with Ongoing Thoracic Spine Pain

Mr. X suffers ongoing pain in his thoracic spine, neck, and lower back. This pain stopped him from working on March 6, 2023, and his absences began the next day.

An MRI showed a small disc issue at C5-C6 in Mr. X’s spine. This condition causes a minor narrowing of the spinal canal and presses on the spinal cord. Tests also showed weakness in his shoulder muscles and neck muscle pain. The results suggest a possible motor neuron disease. Such a diagnosis is worrisome for anyone.

Mr. X had a job as a production technician at a chemical plant.

His daily tasks included:

  • Running a chemical process with control measures
  • Loading and unloading chemicals from railcars and trailers
  • Solving problems with equipment, processes, and systems

He often did tasks outside. These tasks involved walking, ladder use, climbing, and lifting heavy items. Sometimes, he worked at a computer, and he generally worked for up to 12 hours a day. The job requires the strength to sit for hours or do hard labor like lifting and climbing. Mr. X can no longer do these tasks, and he desperately needs his long-term disability benefits.

An Unresponsive Company

Our firm took swift action. Shortly after Mr. X stopped working, we informed Hartford about his critical condition. We sent a detailed message outlining his medical issues, including the impact these conditions have had on Mr. X’s ability to work.

We expected a prompt reply from Hartford, but our mailbox remained empty. No response arrived.

Following Up for Our Client

We decided to act again, and our team crafted a stronger letter. With a firmer tone, we expressed an urgent concern over the lack of communication. Our communication stressed the severity of Mr. X's medical state. The letter asked for immediate attention to his disability benefits claim. We highlighted the MRI results and the doctor's findings, and we included the physical demands of Mr. X's job. Our team offered to help with any more information Hartford needed, but we were clear about the need for a response.

Our communication emphasized Mr. X's right to long-term disability benefits. His condition does not allow him to return to his former role, and the job requires physical labor that Mr. X cannot perform. We underlined that the situation was urgent and that Mr. X's well-being depended on Hartford's swift action.

Because of our efforts, Hartford did the right thing, and Mr. X now receives the benefits he deserves.

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