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New York Life Denies LTD Benefits for a Director of Nutrition Supervision with MS in Florida

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures LTD Benefits for Client in Jacksonville, FL

In August 2023, Dabdoub Law Firm appealed to the NYL on behalf of our Jacksonville client to secure the long-term disability (LTD) benefits she rightfully deserves. Keep reading to learn about this recent success in Florida.

Dabdoub Attorney Successfully Appeals to NYL for Florida Client with MS

After NYL wrongfully denied her LTD claim in March 2023, Andi—a Florida woman with multiple sclerosis (MS)—turned to our compassionate disability insurance lawyers for help.

As evidenced in many favorable performance reviews, Andi loved her job and performed well despite the heavy workload at the hospital, as noted in a glowing review from her manager. Unfortunately, she had no choice but to step away from her longstanding career as a Director of Nutrition Supervision after she began experiencing adverse health effects.

Her symptoms manifested in the form of imbalance, headaches, fatigue, and a decreased ability to focus. In need of answers, our Jacksonville client sought help from her neurologist, who was able to confirm her MS diagnosis. Even with treatment, including immunosuppressive infusions every six months, her symptoms continued to worsen, evolving to include muscle weakness, heat and noise sensitivity, and short-term memory loss, to name a few.

To her regret, our Florida client was forced to cease working in June 2022, promptly filing a claim for short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits with NYL. In a letter of support, her neurologist confirmed that Andi’s MS “is a chronic and unpredictable neurological disorder that may be a source of disability for this patient. She is currently experiencing ongoing brain fog, fatigue, and decreased cognitive/processing speed.”

Despite this, NYL decided to approve Andi’s STD claim while unreasonably denying her LTD benefits, despite extensive medical evidence. Luckily, Attorney Emily Quirino of Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to the insurer on her client’s behalf.

In her appeal, Attorney Quirino aptly points out, “The neuropsychological evaluations show that [Andi’s] MS symptoms are progressing and will continue to worsen. [She] has tried her best to stick through her MS symptoms and continue working. Despite accommodations, her symptoms have exacerbated, and she is no longer able to perform the duties of her own or any occupation.”

Fortunately, NYL wisely corrected its wrongful denial and fulfilled its obligations under ERISA law by approving our client’s long-term disability benefits, empowering her to live a fuller quality of life at home in Jacksonville, Florida.

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