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#MEAction Co-Founder Jennifer Brea Shares Her Story of ME & Remission

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Americans will live with or develop symptoms of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) each year. However, not much is understood about this chronic medical condition that can leave a person so fatigued that it becomes disabling. In fact, many people who are living with ME/CFS struggle to get necessary medical care or long term disability insurance benefits because an unaware society unfairly labels them as “lazy.”

To help bring attention to the day-to-day struggles caused by ME/CFS and to cast a ray of hope, Jennifer Brea recently shared her ME/CFS story and how her symptoms went into remission with the right care. Jennifer Brea is the co-founder and poster person of #MEAction, a group dedicated to spreading word of ME/CFS, lobbying for increased ME/CFS research funding, and campaigning for better medical care and insurance coverage for ME/CFS patients.

In her letter addressed to the #MEAction community, Ms. Brea shared how her own ME symptoms began with multiple surgeries for thyroid cancer. As typical of ME/CFS, Jennifer was growing more and more fatigued by the day, with sleep and rest doing nothing to relieve her exhaustion. Even small actions and motions, like getting out of bed or taking a shower, became incredibly tiring.

Yet, after her surgeries were complete and her ME diagnosis made official, she began to experience a remission of her symptoms. She is not 100% recovered from ME or from her surgeries, but things are better than they were just a few months ago. This is the cornerstone of her message: With the right care and understanding of ME/CFS, its worst symptoms can be lessened and the disease can go into remission. There is always hope for a more comfortable tomorrow.

(You can view Jennifer Brea’s full letter by clicking here and viewing her post to the #MEAction website.)

Helping People with ME/CFS Find Rest & Care

Unfortunately, so many people with ME/CFS are never given a chance to receive the rest and care that they need. Instead, they continue to work long hours and worsen their fatigue because insurance providers do not take their struggles seriously.

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