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Ex-NFL Linebacker Claims Union Cut Pensions Because of Brain Injuries

Former NFL linebacker Andre Royal, 46, says his own union—the NFL Players Association (NFLPA)—undercuts the pensions of retired football players who have suffered brain injuries, according to the New York Post.

Throughout his six-year career, Royal has played for the Carolina Panthers and Indianapolis Colts. However, his career was cut short in 2000 after suffering multiple head injuries that resulted in seizures, migraines, headaches, memory loss, mood swings, insomnia, dizziness, loss of balance, concentration issues, and other severe symptoms.

How the NFLPA Cuts Pensions

When Royal applied for disability benefits the same year he retired, the NFLPA didn’t disclose enough information about each plan and its terms. He was then assigned into the “football degenerative” category, which provides Royal with only $4,000 a month.

Since Royal experienced symptoms while he was still playing, he should’ve been given the “active football total and permanent” disability plan, which would make him qualify for a higher amount. Unfortunately, the NFL’s retirement board has continuously denied his appeals.

Despite the fact that the football players suffering from chronic brain injury obtained a $1 billion court settlement from the league, the money excludes players with the same injuries before 2006. In addition, Royal isn’t the only player who has been incorrectly categorized and failed to receive entitled benefits.

How Dabdoub Law Firm Can Help

Dabdoub Law Firm regularly encounters these types of denials by the NFL disability plan. As the New York Post reports, they approve players for a lower monthly benefit amount by improperly classifying them.

If you are a former NFL player suffering from debilitating symptoms brought on by head injuries during your playing days, our firm is uniquely qualified to handle these types of claims. We have helped Darryl Ashmore secure a judgment worth $217,800 after filing a claim against the NFL and its Player Disability & Neurocognitive Benefit Plan.

Although the NFL denied the initial appeal to reverse or challenge the denial, as well as used several legal tactics to throw out the lawsuit, our legal team persevered and helped our client obtain the financial compensation and justice he deserves. That is why we understand that there are many others—just like Darryl—who need experienced legal representation to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

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