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Metabolic Disorder Leaves Client Under 70 Pounds, CIGNA Denies LTD Benefits

Dabdoub Law Firm has successfully secured long-term disability insurance benefits for a woman whose claim was initially and wrongfully denied by CIGNA. She lives with hemochromatosis, a chronic metabolic disorder, which causes a variety of dangerous symptoms, including rapid weight loss. At only 70 pounds, she is completely unable to perform regular work, yet CIGNA denied her claim all the same. We fought for her rights and wellbeing, challenging their denial and securing the initiation of her much-needed disability benefits.

Details of the Hemochromatosis Case

In May 2017, our client was diagnosed with hemochromatosis, a dangerous metabolic and iron disorder that can cause a variety of side effects. Most notably, our client began to suffer from constant vomiting and nausea, as well as rapid, unhealthy weight loss. She is now under 70 pounds and needs a walker to get around, despite her relatively good health only years prior.

Part of her ongoing treatment is weekly paracentesis, which drains fluid buildup in her abdomen through a painful, exhausting procedure. She has since become “frail” and “thin,” according to statements from her own doctors. Unable to care for herself, her husband has to bathe and feed her. As it can be seen by any reasonable person, our client cannot continue with regular employment.

Rather than focusing on the clear and present physical disabilities caused by her condition, CIGNA based its decision to deny her claim on reports of her psychological state and the opinion of their own behavioral therapist. They determined that her anxiety and depression due to the chronic pain were not severe enough to warrant disability benefits. While it is true that our client has suffered noticeable mental and emotional traumas as a result of her situation, her disability claim was quite obviously filed due to the disabilities caused by her physical ailments. Had she somehow been in the absolute best of spirits, our client would still undoubtedly be disabled and unable to work, just as her doctors have noted.

Attorney Bryn Natland of Dabdoub Law Firm managed this case, and created a prompt yet thorough response to the denial. Her work convinced CIGNA its denial was inappropriate, and the long-term disability benefits were rightfully instated.

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