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Aetna Agrees to Provide LTD Benefits to Executive with Chronic, Disabling Pain

Our client tragically had to end her promising, lucrative career as a hotel executive due to chronic headaches and constant pain in her face. She walked away from a six-figure salary to focus on her health. Dabdoub Law Firm is proud to announce we were able to convince her insurance provider, Aetna, to approve of her long term disability benefits.

Details of the Hotel Executive’s Chronic Pain Case

Our client, who is a Pleasanton, California woman barely even in her 40s, began to experience serious, debilitating pain in her head and face but could not determine the cause. As the symptoms persisted and worsened, she sought more explanation from her doctors. Eventually, she was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a rare medical condition that causes complications and defects with the trigeminal nerve of the face. Symptoms of this condition often manifest as migraines, constant pain, and random, intense pain spikes, as well as extreme sensitivity to any facial touching or sudden movements.

As a high-level executive in the hospitality industry, our client had been making a six-figure salary with great promise of a lucrative career for the rest of her life. Yet, she was forced to walk away from it at such a young age because work was simply unbearable for her after her condition worsened. Even sedentary work, such as sitting at a computer and logging information at a slow pace, spiked her nerve pain and rendered her effectively disabled.

Knowing that insurance companies tend to criticize any long term disability claim based on an unseen condition, or a medical condition that does not cause outward symptoms, she came to Dabdoub Law Firm for help. Our long term disability benefits lawyers had seen cases like hers before, and knew just what to do to formulate a convincing argument on her behalf. We sent a complete medical record, work history, and observed medical limitations, as well as various other key documents, to Aetna for their review. Thankfully, the insurer was convinced by our packet and approved her LTD benefits. We hope this helps bring her some peace of mind and allows her to better focus on her health.

Our Disability Lawyers Can Help You

Dabdoub Law Firm was created with a single purpose in mind: to help people get disability benefits from insurance companies. With that kind of focus, millions of dollars in long-term disability benefits have been paid to our clients. Every day, our disability lawyers work to get insurance companies to approve long-term disability claims or appeal disability benefits denials. We have also won several major lawsuits for disability benefits in federal court. Because federal ERISA law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help.

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