If My LTD Benefits Are Approved, Will I Continue to Receive Monthly Payments Through the Maximum Benefit Period?

Not necessarily. Just because your benefits were approved, it does not mean you will continue to receive payments through the maximum benefit period. And even though your insurance carrier approves your disability claim, it does not mean they leave you alone.

Bear in mind, also, that your benefits only paid until the maximum benefits period. That period is usually around age 65. Your policy usually has a chart that tells you exactly when your benefits will end.

While on claim and paying benefits, insurance carrier’s periodically review claims. The insurer needs to confirm you continue to be disabled under the terms of the policy. That is, do you still meet the definition of disability?

In reviewing your claim, they may ask for updated information including (but not limited to):

  • Claim forms,
  • Medical records,
  • Objective testing and imaging results, and
  • Attending physician statements (APS).

It is important that while you are on claim you respond to medical record requests, fill out forms, and respond to the insurer. You do not want to comprise your benefits.

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