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If My Claim is Approved, Do I Stay on Disability Forever?

You just were approved for long-term disability benefits by the insurance company. Finally, you can let out a sigh of relief after likely going through a long process for the approval. The question now is: will you continue to receive long-term disability benefits forever? Or, will long-term disability benefits stop at some time in the future?

First, you will not receive disability benefits forever. This is because most group disability insurance policies pay through a certain age. The most common maximum benefit period for long-term disability policies include:

  • Through age 65;
  • Through age 67;
  • Through normal Social Security Retirement Age.

Beyond age, some long-term disability insurance policies limit the amount of benefits you may receive, based on the type of disability. This limitation is typically 24 months of payments, although they can also be 18 months or 36 months. The most common limitations under long-term disability policies include disabilities due to:

  • Mental health conditions;
  • Alcohol and/or substance abuse; and
  • Self-reported symptoms.

Second, in order to receive your monthly long-term disability benefits you need to meet the insurance policy’s definition of disability. Most policies will only pay benefits if you are under the appropriate care and treatment of a physician for your disabling condition. For this reason, the insurance company will review and re-review your disability claim to determine whether you remain disabled. The most common time when a long-term disability insurance company terminates a person’s benefits is when the definition of disability changes from own occupation to any occupation.

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