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Why Do I Have to Keep Filling Out Disability Forms after My Claim Was Approved?

In order to continue receiving your monthly long-term disability benefit, you need to meet the insurance policy’s definition of disability. Insurance companies will always continue to review your disability claim to decide if you are still disabled and unable to work.

By law, insurance companies review a claim as often as reasonably necessary. That could be as often as every month.

What type of information and forms would my disability insurance company want?

Your insurance company might request many different types of financial, medical, or other documents related to your work experience.

Generally, we see insurance companies asking for:

  • Updated medical records;
  • Attending Physicians Statement, completed by the treating doctors;
  • Claimant’s form, completed by the person seeking disability benefits.

Also, most policies will only pay benefits if you are under the appropriate care and treatment of a physician for your disabling condition. For this reason, the insurance company will review and re-review your disability claim to determine whether you remain disabled.

Another reason why insurance companies might require you to fill out forms on a regular basis is to verify if you’re working at all and, if so, how much you’re earning. Most disability insurance policies contain rules governing how much income you’re able to earn before it impacts your eligibility for disability benefits.

The problem is, your doctors may also be required to complete paperwork, and they may begin to feel frustrated with the time and repetitive nature of this process. Insurance companies know doctors do not want to get too involved in disability insurance claims and may seek to take advantage of that.

Disability Insurance Companies Have Lawyers. Shouldn’t You?

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