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A Testimonial From One of Our Many Satisfied Clients

At Dabdoub Law Firm, we are committed to providing all of our clients with the best service we can offer. Recently, we received a review from one of our clients who we helped recover insurance benefits after her disability claim was denied by CIGNA. We are very appreciative of the kind words this client said about our firm, and wanted to share their words with you!

Read the testimonial below:

“This review may be long, but my situation and Dabdoub's performance warrants this review. You work your whole life to take care of those you love. When you are unable to work due to a health condition, you depend on your disability insurance benefits to help you through those very difficult times. When I found myself in that situation, the unthinkable happened. After months of struggling with my condition and gathering all of the documentation (documents were completed by my doctor and surgeon as required) that CIGNA said I needed to be approved for my Short Term Disability, I was denied the benefits that I was entitled to under my compensation package with my employer. I was already suffering tremendously from my severe condition, and now on top of that I had no finances coming in to carry us through. On top of that, CIGNA would not approve the surgery that I needed for my condition. This had a devastating blow on not only me but my wife and my children. For the first time in our lives we were in great financial despair and began to have mental meltdowns. I had nowhere to turn. I begged my employer for help. They sent me back to CIGNA; needless to say I got nowhere. They told me that I could file an appeal if I didn't agree with their decision. I began to seek legal help. I found no one local. Then I came across Dabdoub Law Firm when searching the web. Their firm stood out to me above the others. I gave them a call. The paralegal that I spoke to listened to me and told me they would be able to help. After taking my information, he told me I would be working with Nina and that I was in good hands. Nina called me shortly after and discussed my case. She was great. I was all in!! I hired Dabdoub Law Firm and they began working on my case. I can honestly tell you that it was a blessing to have someone fighting on my side for a change instead of being bullied by the insurance company. My surgery was approved by my new insurance company shortly after I hired Dabdoub. The law firm maintained contact with me and took care of the appeals process for me. My result - Nina won my appeal for Short Term Disability and got my Long Term Disability approved!!! I could not understand why I was denied, but Nina came in and turned this thing around for me and my family. I highly recommend the Dabdoub firm. They are worth it!!!! Now me and my family can get back to a sense of normalcy. Thanks Nina and Dabdoub!!!”

This is one of many reviews we have received from our clients. Visit our client review page if you would like to read more testimonials from our past clients, or to leave your own review! We are thankful for all of the people we have been able to help during our time practicing law and are appreciative of every review we receive.

We have dedicated the work of our firm to helping injured people receive the care they need. Our practice is focused primarily on helping people receive short-term and long-term disability benefits from insurance companies such as CIGNA, Mass Mutual, New York Life, and other major providers. We have handled cases of all sizes, from negotiating directly with insurance companies and reaching settlement agreements to successfully representing clients in federal court. No matter what it takes to get you the care you need, we are willing to work for you!

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