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United Attempts to Send Engineer Back to Work Despite Cognitive Impairment

United Attempts to Send Engineer Back to Work Despite Cognitive Impairment

When a Network Engineer and career-woman in Fairfax, VA suffered stroke-like symptoms and had an aneurysm surgically removed, she had no idea her life would never be the same. Months later, however, she noticed significant memory impairment, and evaluation revealed cognitive deficits. Despite regular treatment and therapy, her condition continued to decline. Coworkers complained of her decreased efficiency at work and on February 20, 2020, she was diagnosed with “major neurocognitive disorder probably due to vascular disease.”

With this diagnosis, she could no longer perform her cognitively demanding occupation and filed for short-term disability (STD) benefits. United of Omaha approved STD benefits but terminated them, suggesting our client could go back to work. This is where Dabdoub Law Firm got involved.

How We Helped Our Engineer Client Get LTD Benefits

Because United suggested our client could return to work, we gathered medical evidence to prove them wrong. We used neuropsychological evaluation reports and treatment notes to show that our client no longer possesses the mental acuity needed to perform her job as a network engineer for a leading IT services business. Our client enjoyed a comfortable salary and wanted nothing more than to keep climbing the corporate ladder, but her disability prevents her from performing at the required level. In fact, a doctor specializing in neuropsychology affirmed:

Her current levels of impairment in memory and new learning, attention, and task performance speed, and some aspects of nonverbal problem solving and multitasking, would most likely preclude her from being able to meet the time and productivity demands of any form of gainful employment.”

Because our client’s condition was not expected to improve, we also requested long-term disability (LTD) benefits on her behalf. Upon receiving the evidence of our client’s disability, United reinstated her STD benefits and approved her claim for LTD benefits.

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