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MetLife Contradicts Its Own Notes In Coronary Artery Disease Claim

MetLife Contradicts Its Own Notes In Coronary Artery Disease Claim

After experiencing severe chest pain and unstable angina, a dedicated Senior Technician in the corrosion field underwent surgery to have a cardiac stent implanted. Unfortunately, the angina problem grew stronger over the next year, and he was diagnosed with coronary artery spasm. In October 2019, the man’s symptoms intensified. Because he experienced dizziness, vertigo, and migraines, his treating physicians placed him under strict restrictions to protect his health and safety.

Although the Lincoln, NE-based Senior Technician was unable to continue driving and working safely and was encouraged to apply for disability benefits by both his employer and medical providers, MetLife only provided benefits for a period of 22 weeks. The insurance company terminated the man’s short-term disability (STD) benefits 3 weeks before the claim maxed out and denied a subsequent claim for long-term disability benefits.

Left with this denial and no significant change in his condition, the hardworking corrosion field employee called Dabdoub Law Firm.

Unfit to Perform Any Type of Duty

Our client’s doctors emphasized his inability to perform the duties of his own occupation – as well as any other – due to “ongoing and unpredictable chest pain, vertigo, and migraines.” During a typical workday, our client spent 60% to 75% of his time behind the wheel, but with his conditions, it was unsafe for him to continue driving. Not only did our client lose “a large part of who he is” and a job he loved, but he also lost his ability to fish, hunt, mow the grass, or help with simple household chores. He continues to have trouble maintaining his balance and suffer shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains, and debilitating migraines.

With these physical restrictions and limitations, our client will likely be unable to return to the workforce in any capacity. In a note, (quoted: ‘Def disab own occ.’) even MetLife acknowledged that our client was no longer able to perform the duties of his occupation – sadly, our client may never return to an industry where he spent 24 years of his life.

Additionally, since filing for STD benefits in 2019, our client has not recovered. In fact, his condition has only worsened, and he remains disabled under the terms of MetLife’s policy.

Dabdoub Law Firm Gives MetLife a Second Chance

We provided proof of our client’s ongoing disability and gave MetLife another chance to conduct a full and fair review on his behalf instead of cherry-picking evidence to ‘justify’ a denial. By providing and highlighting our client’s medical records and the opinions of his treating physicians, we were able to illuminate the nature of our client’s disability. One doctor even said our client was “unable to work safely.”

After reviewing this evidence once more, as well as new evidence provided by our firm, MetLife issued a timely and fair decision. We are pleased with our ability to help our client recover.

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