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Reliance Standard Ignores the Facts After Executive's Stroke

A dedicated executive returned to work in Dahlonega, Georgia after suffering a stroke, only to find that he was unable to complete the duties of his position as Vice President (VP). Upon the behest of his employer, the VP filed for long-term disability (LTD) benefits from Reliance Standard. Unfortunately, the insurance company quickly denied the man’s claim, misclassifying his position as sedentary and citing the VP’s brief return to work after his stroke.

From there, the former executive asked Dabdoub Law Firm for assistance. With medical evidence, legal precedents, video exhibits, and a declaration from the CEO of our client’s former workplace, we were able to clarify the situation. Rather than engaging in a losing battle, Reliance Standard approved our client’s LTD benefits.

Details of the Vice President’s Case

For many years, our client worked as the Vice President of Engineering at InfoSystems, Inc. As an executive, he required a great deal of physical and mental fitness to fulfill the demands of his position. Our client had to manage a team, travel, and even lift and/or carry objects weighing 50-99 pounds.

While he was attending a work-related conference, our client, unfortunately, suffered a stroke. The cerebral vascular accident left him with significant cognitive and physical restrictions and limitations and several comorbid disabling conditions, including:

In addition to these diagnoses, our client had several side effects from his stroke, including an inability to write legibly or drive, cognitive difficulty, slow and slurred speech, muscle weakness, stiffness, and cramps.

Simply put, our client was unable to walk without a cane nor bathe or toilet without assistance, much less meet the duties of his job.

His doctors and employer confirmed this fact countless times. In fact, our client’s employer recommended he apply for LTD benefits and made the following statement in support of his claim:

There were no jobs that he could perform effectively… We considered letting him go when it became clear that he could not get back to being a productive employee, but I did not have the heart to go through with it.”

What Reliance Standard Did Wrong

Reliance Standard’s denial of our client’s claim was unlawful and erroneous. The insurance company claimed his occupation was sedentary, which is inaccurate, as our client had to lift and/or carry objects weighing 50-99 pounds, among other job responsibilities.

Reliance Standard also claimed a lack of medical evidence supporting our client’s claim when a series of letters, MRIs, evaluations, and questionnaires were readily available.

Finally, Reliance Standard took advantage of our client’s benevolent work environment, using his brief return to work to justify their denial. While our client’s employer “did not have the heart” to let him go, the CEO of InfoSystems, Inc. did encourage our client to apply for LTD benefits. A warmhearted employer was no excuse for Reliance Standard to coldly deny benefits.

How We Were Able to Help

None of Reliance Standard’s reasons for denial were legitimate, and our client’s disability claim had a wealth of irrefutable evidence. Edward Dabdoub simply emphasized these facts to Reliance Standard. Dabdoub Law Firm provided medical documentation, a statement from our client’s employer, video footage of his disability, and more. Additionally, we highlighted Reliance Standard’s mistake and cited some important legal precedents.

Soon after our thorough appeal, our client was awarded LTD benefits. We were happy to help at the time, and our inspiring client now enjoys some normalcy as an artist working with his non-dominant hand.

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