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Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company Denies Benefits After Accidental Death

As the result of a horrific accident, a man in San Jacinto, CA lost his wife. Because her sad and untimely death was accidental, our client filed a claim for accidental death benefits under his wife’s life insurance policy. Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company denied the claim for reasons that were objectively untrue. As such, Dabdoub Law Firm had to highlight undisputed facts and demand benefits on our client’s behalf.

Details of Our Client’s Loss

Our client’s wife suffered a compound fracture and massive blood loss following a fall. She was rushed to the hospital and nearly died in the ambulance. Doctors decided to amputate her leg. She barely survived the operation and passed away soon after.

Ultimately, our client’s wife never recovered from her accident and died as a direct result of her fall. As such, our client should have been entitled to the accidental death benefits of his wife’s life insurance policy. In a disappointing turn of events, however, Colonial denied his claim. The insurance company claimed our client’s loss was the direct result of illness and disease, which is blatantly false. If our client’s wife had not sustained an accident, she would still be alive today.

Dabdoub Law Firm Highlights Facts and Legal Precedents

When our client contacted us, we reminded Colonial that the policy in question allows for benefits if an insured person dies as a direct result of accidental bodily injury. We clearly linked our client’s loss to his wife’s accident and contested Colonial’s position. We also emphasized that the law prohibits insurance companies from separating the complications of treatments from the accidents that caused them. Similarly, we cited a precedent that distinguishes medical treatments due to accidents from treatments due to illnesses. Once we had laid out the facts and legalities of our client’s case, we demanded payment within 21 days.

Fortunately, Colonial complied with our demand.

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