Dabdoub Law Firm Helps Disabled Physiatrist Recover Benefits From New York Life

Without the use of her dominant (right) hand, our client had to cease work as a practicing physician in Peoria, Illinois. While difficult, her decision was ultimately based on her newfound disability and several other conditions. Because our client can no longer provide interventional pain medicine or other services safely, she was also forced to close her practice.

Dabdoub Law Firm helped her recover from two separate New York Life policies.

Details About the Physician’s Disabilities

Our client began experiencing pain in her right hand in late 2019. Soon after, she was diagnosed with tenosynovitis of the right index finger and torn tendons. She also struggles with chronic pain in her back and neck, fatigue, anxiety and depression, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease.

Combined, all these conditions make it impossible for our client to work as an interventional physiatrist. Our client’s physicians also banned her from doing procedures, typing, heavy lifting, and using her right thumb and index finger. She now wears a hand splint to immobilize her hand and fingers, which totally disables her from performing the requirements of her occupation. Even for everyday life, our client depends heavily on her family, especially as she is raising a disabled son.

With evidence of all these conditions, our client was always entitled to disability benefits and overhead protection benefits. Dabdoub Law Firm simply made this fact apparent.

How We Proved Our Client’s Claims

Stepping in was important for this client because she is unable to use her dominant hand. As such, we filed claims with New York Life on her behalf. We sent the insurance company our client’s medical records, as well as a statement from her current medical provider and multiple MRIs.

With Dabdoub Law Firm’s efficient work and outstanding reputation, our client received the benefits she deserved.

We are happy to add this to our long collection of success stories, which you can view on our disability law blog.

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