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Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome Disability Claim Denied by Reliance Without Valid Explanation

A woman in Overland Park, Kansas came to Dabdoub Law Firm for help dealing with Reliance, the insurance company denying her any short-term disability insurance benefits for her Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome (EDS). Her doctors that diagnosed the condition listed comorbid conditions she was experiencing at length, but Reliance denied the claim all the same. We were able to get her disability benefits approved without the need for litigation, though, creating a victory for everyone involved.

Details of the Ehlers-Danlose Syndrome Case

Our client was diagnosed with EDS last year but continued to try to keep working as a pharmaceutical sales specialist because she loved her job. Months later, though, as her health worsened and her doctors diagnosed her with side effects of EDS and comorbid conditions, she stopped working entirely. Trying to hold gainful employment had simply become too painful and difficult due to her health complications.

A few of our client’s many comorbid conditions include:

To make her situation worse, various forms of treatments have not alleviated or lessened her conditions. Occupational therapy, medication regimens, and other attempts to help her feel more comfortable with her comorbid conditions have all failed.

No mistake should be made, though: our client still wants to work. She attempted to file for short-term disability benefits, not long-term disability benefits, in hopes that she will recover and be able to return to her job. Despite this compromise, Reliance still chose to shut down her claim.

Upon review of her case, our disability benefits attorneys could not find any clear reasoning behind Reliance’s denial. We had to assume that its case evaluator failed to understand EDS and the health complications it had caused, so we compiled a well-organized listing of her medical records and symptoms. With the challenge letter sent back to them, Reliance turned around on its stance and approved our client’s short-term disability benefits.

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