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The Standard Denies Stroke Survivor's LTD Benefits, Cites Faulty Med Evaluation

A man in Lexington, South Carolina suffered a cerebral stroke in 2013. As anyone can imagine, the health complications caused by a stroke are often severe and permanent. Still, our client loved his job as a network specialist and needed to provide for his family, so he tried to keep working up until 2015, which is when the pain and complications caused by his lingering symptoms became too great.

The Standard effectively ignored his medical records when he filed for long-term disability (LTD) benefits, though. Using a third-party evaluation they ordered, the insurance company denied his claim, prompting Dabdoub Law Firm to swiftly react. We challenged their denial outright and secured his benefits through the reinstatement of them.

Details of the Third-Party Stroke Evaluation Case

Our client could not continue any form of gainful employment after suffering a cerebral stroke. Chronic fatigue, balance difficulties, speech impediments, and memory issues all make day-to-day life a struggle for him. He was initially granted disability benefits when he first filed in 2015. It was not until 2019 that The Standard decided to take a U-turn and criticize our client’s condition.

The Standard set aside all previous medical evaluations conducted by our client’s own medical team and chose to work with Dr. Topper, who they contracted to complete a new evaluation. Dr. Topper determined that all of our client’s impairments were indeed permanent with no chance of recovery. Bizarrely, Dr. Topper then opined that our client could return to work in practically any capacity, claiming that “fine motor skills” were possible, as were 8-hour workdays if he was sitting.

Dr. Topper’s conclusion flies as an afront to his own evaluation. With such a contradiction, it can only be reasonably concluded that Dr. Topper and The Standard ignored their shared fiduciary duty to fairly review and evaluate our client’s case, perhaps to try to save the insurance company some money through a claim denial.

Our disability benefits attorneys did not hesitate to challenge The Standard head-on. We demanded the prompt reinstatement of our client’s benefits, as well as backdated benefits to cover the lapse in coverage. Face-to-face with one of the nation’s most respected long-term disability law firms representing clients, The Standard conceded and agreed that the evaluation and benefits termination were incorrect.

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