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Standard Insurance Company Terminates LTD Benefits for Texas Engineer with Disabling Pain

Ms. X was a senior human factors engineer in Austin, Texas, working for a biotechnology company. Hired in 2015, she excelled in her role despite health issues such as joint pain, migraines, and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Four years into the job, however, Ms. X’s health took a turn for the worse after a viral illness infection left her in a fatigued and weakened state.

As a result of her worsening condition, Ms. X began making mistakes at work. She also called out sick more than usual because she experienced brain fog and an increase in her chronic pain. As her condition deteriorated, Ms. X began working from home to accommodate her symptoms, but this didn’t help.

Ms. X stopped working on June 16, 2021. Her disabling conditions made it impossible for her to continue, so she filed a claim for short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) benefits with Standard Insurance Company. She also filed a claim for a waiver of her life insurance premium due to her critical condition.

Standard paid for the entirety of the STD benefit period, and it approved the LTD claim, agreeing that Ms. X was disabled due to a total knee replacement, EDS, neuropathy, brain fog, femoral nerve damage, restrictive lung disease, and other disabling conditions. Things would change two years later.

Two Definitions for Disability

Standard’s policy has two definitions for disability. According to the company, a policyholder must first be disabled from their own occupation for 24 moths; if they are unable to work in any other occupation after this period, then they are again considered disabled and eligible for LTD benefits. If Standard determines that the policyholder can work in another occupation, then it can cancel LTD benefits as it did in Ms. X’s case.

Standard’s own doctors concluded that Ms. X has “no sustainable work capacity at any level” and that there are “no alternate occupations [that] can be identified at the Sedentary or Light levels.” Even so, Standard terminated Ms. X’s LTD benefits two years after her injury. A few weeks later, it also denied her Waiver of Life Insurance Premium claim.

Correcting a Serious Error

Ms. X contacted Dabdoub Law Firm for legal assistance. After reviewing her situation, we recognized that Standard made a serious error when it terminated her LTD benefits and life insurance premium waiver.

In a letter we sent to Standard, we presented the facts of Ms. X’s situation, which included various legal citations and medical documentation of Ms. X’s disabling conditions. We demanded that it carefully review the contents of our letter and strongly reconsider its prior decisions.

Although Dabdoub Law Firm is always prepared to take necessary legal action for our clients, no further efforts were necessary. Standard reversed its decision and provided Ms. X with her LTD benefits and premium waiver.

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