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What Happens When an Employer Drops the Ball on Paying an Employee’s Life Insurance Premiums While That Employee is Disabled?

Under most employer-sponsored life insurance policies, an employer is obligated to notify the life insurer that a covered employee is disabled, and to maintain life insurance coverage for that employee while they out of work due to their disability.

Federal law provides legal relief against employers who fail to properly administer a life insurance policy, especially when such failure directly results in lost life insurance benefits. At Dabdoub Law Firm, we continue to hold employers accountable for their responsibilities as plan administrators under federal law. Blaming a disabled employee for failing to understand the intricacies of the law or an insurance policy is not an option.

For example, a person goes out of work due to a medical condition or injury and is never able to return to work because of their declining health. At some point while out of work due to that disability, they pass away. During the entire time they are out of work and disabled – from the moment they fell ill through the day they pass – their employer is responsible for making sure their life insurance coverage remained in effect. Indeed, their tragic fate is precisely the reason life insurance coverage was offered by the employer.

If your life insurance claim has been denied due to a failure on the part of the deceased’s employer, call the experienced attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm. We will review the policy language in connection with the facts of the case and guide you through this process. During such a difficult time, you should not have to deal with figuring out who made a mistake paying your loved one’s life insurance premiums. Our attorneys are here to help.

Lawyers with Expertise in Life Insurance Claims

Because we specialize in life insurance claims, our clients get the benefit of:

  1. Having an attorney who is an expert in ERISA and individual insurance claims, appeals and litigation.
  2. Being backed by a law firm with a proven track record of winning tough life insurance lawsuits.

Choose Dabdoub Law Firm to get experienced lawyers on your side.

We can help with:

  • Submitting a disability insurance claim;
  • Appealing a long-term disability denial;
  • Negotiating a lump-sum settlement; and/or
  • Filing a lawsuit against your disability insurance company.