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Radiculopathy Patient Asks Dabdoub Law Firm to Help Secure LTD Benefits

In Boydton, Virginia, a man with radiculopathy – a disorder that causes pinched spinal nerves and a variety of symptoms – lost his long-term disability benefits when MetLife terminated them early, despite there being no improvement to his medical condition. Our disability insurance lawyers from Dabdoub Law Firm were able to convince MetLife to reverse its decision without the need for an official appeals process or litigation.

Details of the Radiculopathy LTD Benefits Case

Our client initially filed for LTD benefits through his disability policy held by MetLife after his radiculopathy made it impossible to continue work without experiencing sharp, debilitating pains. MetLife acknowledged his disability at first by accepting his claim and providing much-needed financial benefits as he continued to seek treatments and tried to recuperate.

In December 2019, though, the insurance company canceled his disability benefits. Bizarrely, MetLife had reached the conclusion that it did not have enough objective medical evidence to prove the severity and disabling nature of his radiculopathy. This change of opinion seemed quite unusual since they had previously decided that there was enough evidence to warrant the benefits. Clearly, there had been some new mistakes made by MetLife and its case evaluator.

Taking a case into an appeal is a way to send a powerful message to an insurance company, one that says a law firm is ready to fight for their client. However, it is not always necessary. If an appeal – and potential litigation to follow – can be avoided, then it often benefits the client by closing a case earlier.

To try to move our client’s case along while still upholding their best interests, Dabdoub Law Firm sent MetLife a clear explanation and analysis of his medical records. In particular, nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) tests showed the extent of his radiculopathy. According to the test results, there was “chronic denervation” in his right C7-T1 and right L4-L5 spinal regions. As a result of this denervation, he had to deal with chronic neck pain, muscular weakness, and frequent pain spikes in his back, neck, and arms. In other words, keeping gainful employment when he could hardly focus for any considerable length of time was impossible.

Given our prompt and collected response, as well as our offer to avoid an official appeal, MetLife reversed its decision and reinstated our client’s benefits.

Help from an Attorney with Expertise in Disability Insurance

Disability insurance law is complicated. If your claim for long-term disability benefits was denied or is being delayed by an insurance company, it is important to get help from a lawyer with expertise in disability law.

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