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MetLife Wrongly Denied Life Insurance Benefits to Boeing Employee Whose Wife Died of Suicide

A Colorado federal court recently found that MetLife wrongfully denied a Boeing employee’s life insurance claim after his wife passed away by suicide.

Kevin Auwae and his wife, Maria, enrolled in his employer’s group life insurance policy effective January 1, 2018, with coverage of $250,000. Sadly, Mrs. Auwae passed away by suicide on February 4, 2019, in Colorado Springs, CO. When Mr. Auwae submitted a life insurance claim form, MetLife responded that coverage was barred because the group policy excluded deaths by suicide within the first two years of coverage.

The Court’s Review of Mr. Auwae’s Life Insurance Claim

Before the district court, MetLife argued that the revised state statute, which limited suicide exclusions to 1 year, did not apply to group policies such as the one held by Mr. and Mrs. Auwae. The court, however, found that the plain language of the state statute did not distinguish between group and individual policies.

Therefore, the court held that MetLife’s exclusion violated the law and ruled that Ms. Auwae’s group policy does not bar him from receiving the life insurance benefits.

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