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United of Omaha Erroneously Claims Cognitively Impaired Engineer Can Go Back to Work

United of Omaha Erroneously Claims Cognitively Impaired Engineer Can Go Back to Work

As a network engineer in Fairfax, Virginia, our client wanted nothing more than continue climbing the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, her path was interrupted by stroke-like symptoms and a brain aneurysm that left her with severe headaches and debilitating cognitive impairments.

Our client applied for and was granted short-term disability (STD) benefits, but United of Omaha thought it was appropriate to terminate her benefits despite any evidence of improvement. On the contrary, our client’s condition has gotten progressively worse.

As such, Dabdoub asked for the immediate reinstatement of STD benefits, as well as long-term disability (LTD) benefits for our client moving forward.

About Our Client’s Cognitive Impairments

Our client suffered stroke-like symptoms on April 5, 2019, and was diagnosed with an aneurysm. She had the aneurysm surgically removed, but after the surgery, she wasn’t quite the same. Dedicated to her career, our client returned to work only to find she could not remember passwords nor recognize the very floor she worked on.

As a result of this difficulty, our client attended speech therapy, where she was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, and underwent an Assessment of Neuropsychological Studies, which revealed deeper problems with memory and cognition.

Our client’s coworkers eventually grew frustrated by her missing work tasks, asking her to retire early. She underwent a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation that confirmed she was suffering from “major neurocognitive disorder probably due to vascular disease.” Our client fell below expectations on attention span, sustained attention, processing speed, verbal fluency, fine motor skills, working memory, and more. As a result, she was no longer able to perform at the level required by her cognitively demanding occupation.

United of Omaha recognized this and approved STD benefits at first, but then terminated them, erroneously claiming that our client could return to work.

Our client then hired Dabdoub Law Firm to help set the record straight.

How Dabdoub Law Firm Proved the Network Engineer’s Disabilities

In addition to furnishing and highlighting our client’s existing medical records, we asked an unbiased expert in the field of neuropsychology to review her case. According to this review, our client’s impairments “would most likely preclude her from being able to meet the time and productivity demands of any form of gainful employment.”

With this clear medical evidence and objective expert opinion, we urged United of Omaha to accept evidence of our client’s disability and promptly approve her claim.

Fortunately, the company cooperated.

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