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What is Evidence of Insurability in a Life Insurance Claim?

An employer may offer life insurance coverage as an employee welfare benefit. Sometimes, it may be only basic life insurance. For this coverage, employees generally do not need to complete any paperwork.

Since basic life insurance coverage is usually only a small amount of coverage, employers may also offer the option for employees to enroll in supplemental or additional life insurance. The maximum amount of coverage varies.

In many instances, when an employee chooses to enroll in supplemental life insurance coverage, they can choose increased coverage up to a certain amount or certain increment without needing to complete evidence of insurability. If a greater amount is wanted, then evidence of insurability may be required.

What is evidence of insurability?

Evidence of Insurability (“EOI”) is a process by which an applicant’s proof of good health is documented. In fact, some life insurance policies may not use EOI but rather simply call it Proof of Good health. Other times, it is called a Statement of Good Health.

What is required for EOI?

Each insurance company may have a slightly different process and deadlines, so it is important that each person follows the requirements laid out by their insurance company.

At a minimum, a form would have to be completed in which the applicant will answer questions about their employment history, demographics, and medical history. Sometimes, the insurance company may require a physical examination.

The EOI will undergo a medical underwriting process, and the insurance company will then decide if the EOI will be accepted.

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