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Dabdoub Law Firm Recovers 10 Months of Disability Payments for Domestic Violence Survivor

Before suffering every woman’s worst nightmare, our client served in the armed forces and enjoyed her career as a neurophysiologist in Long Beach, California. When her now ex-husband attacked her in their home, however, she sustained a broken right elbow that did not heal correctly.

In addition to the trauma of being shoved and injured by someone she cared for, our client was left with lasting, severe pain and a limited range of motion. Understandably, she wanted to return to something she knew and loved – her fulfilling job.

When our client tried to work, her pain made the days unbearable. She continued as long as she could before filing for long-term disability benefits, converting her short-term disability claim into a long-term disability claim.

Under the terms of her insurance policy with Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston (Lincoln), our client was entitled to these benefits. She returned for less than 6 continuous months and was unable to perform the substantial and material acts of her own occupation.

Lincoln owed her a full and fair review but relied on a factually incorrect statement from her former employer to deny her claim. By the time Dabdoub Law Firm got involved, our client was owed 10 months of long-term disability benefits.

What Lincoln Did Wrong

At first, Lincoln did everything right, promptly approving our client’s claim for short-term disability (STD) benefits. The insurance company even converted her claim to a long-term disability claim after STD benefits expired.

When our client tried to return to work and requested successive disability benefits, on the other hand, Lincoln failed to conduct a full and fair review. Instead, Lincoln failed to communicate with our client’s former employer and used a mistake on a piece of paperwork to deny our client’s claim. Under its ERISA duties, Lincoln should have reached out to our client’s former employer for clarification.

During our appeal, Dabdoub Law Firm simply presented the evidence and gave Lincoln another chance to do its job correctly. If Lincoln did not cooperate, we were ready to go to trial.

Fortunately, Lincoln decided to do the right thing – as our client has done her entire life.

We are happy to know our client will have the resources she needs, and we hope they help her as she continues to suffer from documented restrictions and limitations and seeks treatment to manage and improve her condition.

Our client was entitled to successive disability benefits, and given her situation, it is frustrating that Lincoln had to be threatened with litigation to uphold its legal responsibilities.

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