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What Do I Do For My LTD Claim If I Lose My Health Insurance?

Losing your job due to a disability may also mean you lost your health insurance. This is a common issue we see with our clients. However, seeing a doctor is imperative to your disability insurance claim. If you are disabled, cannot work, and know you are going to lose your health insurance, it is best to get your claim submitted as quickly as possible.

If you lose your health insurance, there are options such as,

  • have a conversation with your doctor about payment plans

  • seek out a free clinic

  • find an affordable health care plan

  • look into state-provided health insurance

If you know you are going to lose your health insurance through your employer, start preparing early. If you stop going to a doctor or stop getting treatment your disability claim will suffer.

It is very difficult to prove a disability without the help of a treating provider.

We use medical records, testing, imaging, doctors' notes and questionnaires, to help prove a disability. If we do not have those things to provide to the insurance company, it is tough to prove you cannot work and are entitled to benefits. The medical records help demonstrate how your medical condition impacts your functionality. Abnormal test findings, abnormal physical examinations, and doctor's notes help document what your medical condition is doing to you and why you cannot work as a result of it.

If you are disabled and cannot work, contact the experienced disability insurance attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm. We have handled all aspects of a case for clients who are dealing with health insurance issues.

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