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MetLife Asks Engineer with Debilitating Cognitive Impairment to Return to Work Running Trains

Our client enjoyed a cognitively demanding job as a railroad engineer in Lewiston, PA before being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing brain surgery to remove the tumor. He knew how to run trains in the train yard and on the tracks, and above all, he prioritized safety, knowing that any mistake could be catastrophic or deadly.

After his brain surgery, our client never fully recovered. He began experiencing seizures, syncope, constant migraines, and severe cognitive impairment. As much as our client wanted to return to his occupation, he knew continuing to work would be unsafe for both himself and others.

As a result, our client filed a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits under his policy with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife). MetLife approved his claim and continued paying benefits even when the definition of disability changed at 24 months. Despite acknowledging our client’s disability twice, MetLife suddenly terminated our client’s LTD benefits.

At this point, Dabdoub Law Firm intervened.

Dabdoub Law Firm Proves Engineer’s Ongoing Disability

Our client’s disability is well documented in his medical records. There is no question – from MetLife or anyone else – that our client experiences seizures and dangerous cognitive impairments. Nevertheless, we once again had to provide MetLife with overwhelming evidence of our client’s medical conditions.

A neuropsychological evaluation revealed trouble with memory, executive functioning, and problem-solving. Our client’s doctor also explained the disruption to his neural networks and provided objective evidence of seizures and other difficulties, stating:

We do not believe that [name redacted] is able to maintain competitive and safe employment.”

Multiple medical professionals have affirmed this determination, acknowledged the demanding nature of our client’s career as a railroad engineer, and emphasized the safety concerns present when working on, around, or near trains.

Further, our client’s medical conditions preclude him from retraining or performing any other kind of full-time job – even in a sedentary occupation.

Our client also experiences complex partial seizures, dizziness, and occasional episodes of syncope (fainting). His wife and daughter have witnessed his seizures and syncope episodes and had to rush him to the emergency room. When our client is not experiencing seizures and syncope, he suffers from severe and consistent headaches and migraines.

Asking MetLife the Hard Questions

After presenting MetLife with the overwhelming medical evidence of our client’s disability, we simply asked:

  • Does MetLife truly believe that our client is physically and cognitively capable of returning to work or starting a new career?
  • Does our client believe it is safe for our client to work?

Fortunately, MetLife reconsidered its termination of benefits and upheld its responsibility under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). MetLife acknowledged that our client’s condition has not improved and has, in fact, only gotten worse. The insurance company also agreed that it is unsafe for our client to work in any full-time job while experiencing seizures and fainting spells.

Finally, MetLife issued a timely and favorable decision, reinstating our client’s LTD benefits.

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