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Dabdoub Law Firm Appeals Denied Long-Term Disability Claim for U.S. Veteran in St. Albans, WV

When a hardworking United States veteran woke up in excruciating pain, he realized he would no longer be able to push through various medical issues to continue working as a systems engineer in St. Albans, West Virginia. Fortunately, he had a disability policy with the Life Insurance Company of North America (CIGNA LINA). Unfortunately, CIGNA LINA denied his claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits.

Unable to get relief, our client turned to Dabdoub Law Firm for help with his appeal.

Degenerative Joint Disease and Other Concerns

Our client suffers from degenerative joint disease, bone spurs, back and neck pain, numbness, and weakness. He has tried everything for pain relief, including spinal cord stimulators and other surgeries and procedures.

The severity of our client’s pain makes it impossible for him to fulfill the duties of his own occupation – or any occupation. Additionally, sitting at a computer aggravates our client’s conditions and exacerbates his unbearable pain. He cannot sit for even short amounts of time and must lay down to get any relief.

To prove his severe and debilitating conditions, our client underwent a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) and an independent medical evaluation (IME). The results of both tests indicated that our client is unable to perform even a sedentary job on a full-time basis. Our client was visibly in pain and uncomfortable during the FCE, and the IME reveals limitations when it comes to sitting, standing, using his right arm, writing, typing, lifting, and grasping.

As if this is not enough, our client’s medical records provide constant complaints of pain, weakness, numbness, and limited range, of motion. Our client’s radiating pain is well-documented, and his physical examinations reveal ample evidence of disability. The symptoms of our client’s medical conditions make it impossible for him to work. How could CIGNA LINA ignore the evidence to deny his claim?

Giving CIGNA LINA a Second Chance

At Dabdoub Law Firm, we simply do not understand how CIGNA LINA could have reviewed our client’s medical records and determined that he is not disabled. Even if the insurance company had doubts, it could have sent our client for testing.

Now, CIGNA LINA has the same medical records our client originally sent in, along with objective evidence from independent testing. Our client cannot sit in front of a computer nor perform the duties of any occupation. Dabdoub Law Firm gave CIGNA LINA another chance to approve our client’s claim and pay him the LTD benefits he deserved. We were fully prepared to file suit under ERISA if the insurance company did not comply.

To avoid litigation, CIGNA LINA made a timely and favorable decision on our client’s behalf.

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