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This Is How You Can Get a Copy of Your IME Report

If you are asked to endure an independent medical examination (IME) when you apply for long-term disability benefits, the reason is almost always to undervalue or discredit your claim altogether.

Being asked to undergo an IME may not be a good sign for your claim, but it doesn’t mean you should give up your right to receive benefits. Requesting a copy of your IME report can help you protect yourself and your claim in the event it is denied.

Follow the instructions outlined below to obtain a copy of your IME report.

Contact the Long-Term Disability Insurance Company and Ask for the IME Report

Once your exam is complete, you’ll need to contact the long-term disability insurance company and request a copy of the IME report. It typically takes no longer than two weeks for the IME doctor to send a copy of the report to the insurance company.

Be prepared for the possibility that the insurance company will send a copy of the IME report to your treating physician to request their comments on the exam. If that’s the case, the insurance company will require that you ask for the IME report directly from your own doctor.

It’s Important to Review the IME Report

It’s in your best interest to thoroughly review the IME report with a critical eye. Be sure to compare the report with your notes and memory. If there are clarifications to be made, contact the long-term disability insurance company or your attorney.

If you obtained a copy of the report from your treating physician, speak with him or her about the findings in the report. Any discrepancies on the report can make all the difference in the outcome of your claim for long-term disability benefits, so it’s critical to address any inconsistencies as quickly as possible.

If you need long-term disability benefits and your claim has been delayed or denied, our team may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our office with any questions you may have.

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