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New York Accountant Won Lawsuit Against Unum Who Wrongfully Denied their LTD Benefits

A New York accountant won her lawsuit against Unum when it wrongfully denied her LTD benefits. Michelle Chicco brought the lawsuit under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) for wrongful denial of benefits under a long-term disability insurance plan.

Ms. Chicco began working as a tax accountant for a global investment firm in 2007. As part of her employment, Ms. Chicco enrolled in her employer’s long term disability insurance issued by Unum. In 2013, Ms. Chicco began experiencing fatigue, weakness, and body pains. Her treating doctors eventually diagnosed her with fibromyalgia and radiculopathy. Ms. Chicco attempted several treatments and even tried to resume working. But by 2019, she ceased working and applied for long-term disability benefits.

Unum denied Ms. Chicco’s initial claim and appeal, despite Ms. Chicco submitting two letters and test evaluations from treating doctors. Ms. Chicco then filed a lawsuit against Unum. The Court reviewed the medical record and the benefits determination under a de novo standard of review.

The Court concluded that Ms. Chicco proved her disability and inability to work in her occupation. The court found she was disabled under the terms of the disability insurance plan.

The Court also noted that Unum’s doctor never physically examined Ms. Chicco. In fact, by contrast, all of Ms. Chicco’s treating providers found that she was unable to work.

When submitting a disability claim to your insurance carrier, it is important to have the support of your treating doctors. The insurance company will always try to use their own doctors to say that you are not disabled.

Courts are not required to give more credit to a treating provider who has physically examined the claimant. However, we often see courts give an insured’s treating doctor more weight over the insurance company’s doctor who only did a paper-review of the insured’s medical history.

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