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3 Tips for Submitting a Disability Insurance Claim to New York Life

Preparing and submitting a disability insurance claim to New York Life (“NYL”) can seem like a daunting task. It is important to have everything ready and submitted as early as possible. Once submitted, continue to follow up with NYL to ensure a timely decision is made.

  1. Submit all forms and medical records as quickly as possible

Upon initiating a disability insurance claim, be sure to submit all required forms and your medical records as soon as possible. Delay in providing this information will cause a delay in the insurance company approving your claim.

  1. Keep an Eye on Deadlines

Most disability insurance claims have a time frame under which a decision must be made. If your disability insurance coverage was provided by your employer, then it is most likely governed by a federal statute called ERISA.

Under ERISA, an insurance company has 45 days to make a determination on an initial claim. They may take up to two 30 day extension for a total of 105 days.

If your claim has not been decided in that time frame, you may be able to take legal action, including filling a lawsuit. Keep an eye on when you submitted the information and when NYL responds to you.

  1. Follow up on any requests

Often times, in a disability insurance claim, NYL will request additional information from you, your doctor(S) or your employer. If you are made aware of additional information needed, follow up to ensure it is provided. Failure to provide additional information necessary for the claim, could cause a delay or even denial of the claim.

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