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Can I Be Paid Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits For Disability Due to Chemotherapy Side Effects?

Yes, you absolutely can get paid LTD benefits after suffering from the long-lasting side effects of chemotherapy. Depending on your situation, you may be suffering from conditions such as:

These types of conditions can be devastating, especially after having gone through the difficult diagnosis of cancer. Many times, people suffering from cognitive impairment, fatigue and/or peripheral neuropathy due to chemotherapy are unable to work. At that point, they may be entitled to disability insurance benefits.

Our firm has represented several clients suffering from chemotherapy-induced medical conditions. While insurance companies may be quick to deny these claims, we have successfully proved the debilitating impact they can have.

In order to prove disability due to chemotherapy-induced conditions, we rely on various types of evidence depending on the condition. This could include:

  • Letters and questionnaires from treating providers
  • Personal statements
  • Neuropsychological evaluations
  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Functional capacity evaluations

These pieces of evidence help demonstrate the impact of a medical condition on functionality. Our experienced attorneys know how to work up a case leading to a higher chance of an approval of benefits.

Lawyers with Expertise in Disability Insurance Claims

This law firm has always focused only on disability insurance law.

Because we specialize in long term disability, our clients get the benefit of:

  1. Having an attorney who is an expert in long term disability claims;
  2. Having an attorney who has experience with every major disability insurance company;
  3. Being backed by a law firm that has a proven track record of winning tough disability lawsuits.

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