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United Restores Our Client’s Unfairly Terminated LTD Benefits After We Appealed

Our Twin Falls, ID client enjoyed a successful career and was planning to continue working through his eventual retirement when he suffered two life-threatening health issues in 2019. At age 53, he had an acute heart attack followed by an ischemic stroke. Those two issues resulted in severe deterioration of his physical ability and his quality of life.

Unable to continue working, our client filed a claim for long-term disability (LTD) benefits. United Heritage (United) approved his request and provided monthly payments for two years until they abruptly terminated our client’s benefits despite a significant amount of medical evidence that his condition had not changed.

Following this wrongful decision from his insurance company, our client reached out to Dabddoub Law Firm to prepare and file an appeal.

Our Client’s Doctors and Wife Shared Evidence of His Continuous Pain and Disability

Our client’s primary care provider continuously reported in his treatment notes that our client would unlikely ever be able to go back to work.

This nurse practitioner also confirmed in March 2022 that our client sustained the following symptoms:

  • Imbalance issues
  • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Loss of full control of his left arm (ataxia)
  • Weakness
  • Visual and spatial awareness problems
  • Deficient fine motor skills
  • Inability to sit for extended periods of time

Our client’s provider also noted that those symptoms remained even with our client’s dedication throughout sessions of speech, physical, and occupational therapy.

In April 2022, our client’s cardiologist wrote a letter of support that confirmed our client’s lasting impairment, including the weakness on the left side of his body, poor balance, and a left foot drop.

In addition to medical evidence, our client’s wife also wrote a letter of support and shared pictures and a video that demonstrated the drastic changes that happened to our client since his heart attack and stroke in 2019.

She discussed how our client’s ability impacted their ability to travel, boat, and spend time with their 13 grandchildren. The couple loved to engage in all sorts of activities, but no matter how much rehabilitation our client worked through, his physical abilities have prevented him from going camping or traveling in their RV, which the couple has now sold. Being in crowds has become overwhelming for our client and he tires quickly.

Although his wife is thankful that our client is still with her, she recognized the extensive limitations the stroke has caused and the pictures and video she provided confirm the physical deterioration our client has suffered.

Our Client Successfully Obtained Social Security Disability Insurance

One of United’s requirements when reviewing our client’s situation was that he applies Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The Social Security Administration (SSA) indeed approved our client’s request, rightfully determining that his disability warranted disability benefits. The SSA considered that our client’s impairment permanently prevented him from resuming employment.

This decision confirmed that our client deserved continuous LTD benefits despite United’s unreasonable decision to terminate them weeks after his SSDI was approved.

United Terminated Our Client’s Benefits Without Valid Grounds

United had the fiduciary duty to adhere to the terms of its policy and respects the federal statute known as ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. However, the way the company terminated our client’s benefits shows blatant disregard for his disability and how he suffered two separate life-threatening medical emergencies with his heart attack and his stroke.

Although our client is grateful to still be alive, he cannot painlessly or fully perform activities most people take for granted such as standing, sitting, walking, or speaking. The insurance provider’s assessment he can go back to work is not only erroneous but irresponsible.

United had no medical basis for its sudden reversal of course, especially considering they had previously approved our client’s long-term disability benefits due to its permanent impairment. A concerning detail in United’s approach that resulted in the termination of our client’s benefits is how they decided against their original plan of an in-personal physical examination to review our client’s benefits to a paper-based evaluation. The paid physician they hired to conduct the assessment determined that our client’s stroke did not cause any restriction to his daily activities or his ability to gain employment.

Dabdoub Law Firm appealed the decision and successfully demonstrated that United had to restore our client’s long-term disability benefits given his medical situation.

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