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Dabdoub Law Firm Restores Reliance Standard LTD Benefits for Waco Client

In November 2022, Dabdoub Law Firm had the honor of helping our client in Waco, TX secure the disability benefits she deserves after they were wrongfully terminated by her disability insurance company. Read on to learn more about this recent success story.

Our Disability Lawyers Successfully Appealed to Reliance Standard Life Insurance

After Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company terminated her long-term disability (LTD) benefits, a resident of Waco, TX sought strong advocacy from our nationally-recognized disability insurance attorneys to fight back against injustice. Fortunately, our firm was quick to point out the astounding amount of evidence against Reliance’s decision to terminate our Texas client’s LTD benefits, guiding them to recognize the carelessness of their ways and fulfill their legal and ethical obligations under ERISA law.

Our client’s connection with Reliance is nothing to scoff at. The relationship dates back to June 2009, when the insurer initially approved her claim for long-term disability benefits. It wasn’t until early 2022 that Reliance cancelled her benefits under the premise of her social media and cherry-picked statements from her medical history.

Reliance Wrongfully Terminated Dabdoub Client’s LTD Benefits After 13 Years

Our passionate disability lawyers found that Reliance misread a statement from our client to her doctor, using it to unjustly cancel her benefits. After reporting minimal improvement in her condition thanks to her ongoing treatment, Reliance jumped at the opportunity to cut off our client, mistakenly claiming there was insufficient medical evidence to support any significant impairment.

Of course, a wealth of medical evidence argues against this callous claim. Our Waco client suffers from a myriad of serious medical conditions, including scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, cervical stenosis of the spine, cervical radiculopathy, spinal stenosis of the lumbar region with radiculopathy, numbness of the right foot, muscle spasms, joint pain, shoulder impingement, meniscal tears, chronic pain, and headaches. As you can imagine, our client had no choice but to participate in various procedures and treatments over the years to manage chronic and debilitating symptoms, yet none have offered her any significant or lasting relief.

“Reliance's cherry-picking of favorable language while ignoring the great weight of medical evidence is wrong and unreasonable,” Attorney Ben Saver explained. He wasted no time in providing substantial evidence to dispute Reliance's empty claims, including multiple functional capacity evaluations (FCEs), which are considered the best means of assessing a person’s functional level by the courts.

Other extensive evidence included physicians’ evaluations, questionnaires, and personal statements from family. In his letter, our client’s son expressed, “The things I used to see Momma do in a few hours would take her days or longer.” Our client’s M.D. confirms the same observation in her office notes, attesting that our client is totally disabled and unable to work in any occupation.

Luckily, justice prevailed when our disability insurance attorneys successfully appealed to Reliance on our Texas client’s behalf, restoring the disability benefits she rightfully deserved from the start.

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