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Dabdoub Law Helps San Jose, CA Client Recover MetLife LTD Benefits for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

After the wrongful termination of her disability benefits by her insurer, a San Jose resident turned to our passionate disability insurance lawyers for help. Keep reading for more on this recent California success story.

Our Disability Attorneys Successfully Appealed to MetLife Insurance

In March 2023, MetLife wrongfully terminated our California client’s long-term disability (LTD) benefits. Their careless decision was made in spite of the wealth of medical evidence to contradict it, including statements from numerous physicians supporting that our client's disability was “more than sufficient” to warrant assistance for long-term disability.

Through no fault of her own, our client’s health took a turn for the worst in 2019. She began to experience a range of troubling symptoms, including severe body pain, headaches, sinusitis, neck pain, fatigue, and brain fog. She explains that it was suddenly difficult “to recall things or make everyday decisions.”

By seeking treatment, she discovered an explanation for her suffering after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a progressive autoimmune disease characterized by chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and many other life-altering symptoms that ultimately forced our client to step away from her career.

Although MetLife initially approved her claim for short-term disability (STD) benefits, they were very quick to deny her claim for LTD benefits, despite her worsening condition. Even after appealing MetLife’s decision—to mention providing medical evidence from three separate physicians—MetLife saw fit to deny our client once again for reasons beyond our comprehension. Sadly, this was not the last time this would occur. After over three years of correspondence and continued support from numerous physicians, MetLife once again denied our client the aid she desperately needs and deserves.

As a disability insurance law firm, our legal team has firsthand experience with the unfair hardships and inequality that come with having a chronic disability. Such hardships are made even worse by disability insurers who regularly and repeatedly dismiss our clients' pain, invalidate their truth, and fail to extend basic human decency. Fortunately, our fierce lawyers successfully overturned MetLife’s recurring rejection of our client, securing the LTD benefits that she should have received many years prior.

Help from a Lawyer with Expertise in Disability Insurance

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