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Dabdoub Law Firm Recovers Lincoln STD & LTD Benefits for Atlanta Research Associate Who Suffered a TIA

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures Lincoln STD Benefits for Atlanta Client

In January 2023, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed to Lincoln National Life Insurance Company after the insurer wrongfully denied our Atlanta client the short-term disability (STD) benefits she is rightfully entitled to. Keep reading to learn more about this latest success story in Georgia.

Dabdoub Lawyer Successfully Appeals to Lincoln on Behalf of Georgia Client

After her claim for STD benefits was denied, a former IQVIA clinical research associate in Atlanta turned to our disability insurance attorneys for assistance in obtaining the disability benefits she's legally entitled to.

Fortunately, Attorney Kevin Schaefer successfully appealed to Lincoln on her behalf, securing both STD benefits and long-term disability (LTD) benefits for our client. Before becoming disabled, Attorney Schaefer explains that his client’s life was “moving smoothly. Her career was thriving. She was excited about continued growth in the corporate world. All was well, and [she] seemed to have it all.”

However, her life took a drastic turn in May 2022 when she landed in the emergency room complaining of dizziness and left-side weakness symptomatic of a transient ischemic attack (TIA). This wasn't enough to ruin our client's good spirits. In fact, she anticipated a swift recovery and return to work. Unfortunately, such expectations weren't in the cards for the Georgian.

Since her TIA, our client has suffered from incapacitating pain and significant whole-body weakness. This led her to seek treatment from a myriad of medical specialists without improvement, leaving her with no choice but to move in with family rather than her original goal of returning to her longstanding and successful occupation.

“Clearly unable to function in her daily life, let alone work a demanding job, [my client] submitted her claim for STD benefits to Lincoln,” Attorney Schaefer explained in his appeal. “Given the seriousness of her condition, Lincoln initially accepted her disability and awarded STD benefits. However, Lincoln quickly reversed course and terminated [her] benefits, despite no improvement.”

Lincoln’s Termination of Benefits Was Wrong & Unreasonable

Our Dabdoub lawyer firmly argues that Lincoln’s termination of benefits was wrong and unreasonable, informing the insurer that his client’s condition is well-documented in extensive medical evidence.

“The actual medical records reveal a sharp decline in [her] functionality since her initial hospitalization,” Attorney Schaefer informs Lincoln. Included in the evidence is her functional capacity evaluation (FCE), which courts still consider to be “the best means” of assessing an individual’s functional capacity.

“The evaluation confirmed [my client] is incapable of sitting for more than 4 hours per day,” Attorney Schaefer points out. “There is no question [she] cannot reliably perform any full-time occupation, even one that is sedentary in nature. The FCE confirms her disability and entitlement to continued benefits.”

Our Dabdoub disability lawyer succeeded in exposing the error of Lincoln's ways, successfully overturning their decision to deny our client the STD benefits she deserves while also obtaining the LTD benefits she's rightfully entitled to under ERISA law.

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