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Reliance Standard Wrongfully Terminated STD Benefits for Indiana Man with Cervicalgia

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures STD Benefits for Indiana Client

This past January, Dabdoub Law Firm had the privilege of helping our client in Indianapolis secure the short-term disability (STD) benefits he rightfully deserves. Keep reading to learn about our latest client success story in the Midwest.

Our Dabdoub Disability Lawyers Successfully Appeal to Reliance

After Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company wrongfully terminated his disability benefits in October 2022, our Indianapolis client turned to the experienced disability insurance attorneys at Dabdoub Law Firm for assistance. Fortunately, our trusted legal advocates wasted no time in taking assertive legal action by reaching out to Reliance on our client’s behalf and successfully appealing their unjust decision.

Our client’s health journey has been nothing short of extensive. The Indianapolis resident suffers from chronic neck pain and headaches and has undergone two neck surgeries, injections, physical therapy, and various other treatments over time with limited relief. By the time our client developed a COVID-19 infection in April 2022, he was ordered to bed rest. He returned to work in May, unaware that his return would be the last.

Our client’s intensifying condition left him with no choice but to step back from his career and file a claim for disability benefits, which Reliance approved in June. At the time, Reliance’s RN and medical consultant confirmed that he was unable to work due to cervicalgia and cervicalgia headaches.

Even so, he struggled to maintain this approval going forward, as he found it increasingly difficult to collect and organize his medical records to Reliance’s exact liking.

“I just need help getting you guys whatever documentation you need,” he implored in an email to Reliance about one month after getting approved in the first place. “I’m hurting, in pain, and in bed most hours of the day...Even emailing takes [substantial] effort on my part.”

Attorney Quirino Successfully Restores Client’s STD Benefits

Reliance’s medical consultant went on to contradict herself in the following months, claiming a lack of evidence to support no work function—despite our client’s condition worsening to the point of keeping him bedridden. To make matters worse, our client was unable to get ahold of any Reliance representatives to get needed information, boxing him into an impossible position.

Even then, Reliance had the audacity to mention our client being “an issue” in an email—simply for seeking any connection possible to resolve the obstacles in his path.

“Why would he be ‘an issue’ when he is unable to leave bed due to his pain?” Dabdoub attorney Emily Quirino pointed out in a letter to Reliance, adding that our client “just wanted to speak with someone” about his claim.

But our client’s months-long merry-go-round with Reliance came to a grinding halt when the insurer decided to terminate his benefits in October, leaving him stranded without the ability to work or provide for himself. Attorney Quirino wasted no time in appealing this unjust decision on our client’s behalf, providing substantial medical evidence to contradict their baseless claim.

"There is no doubt that [our client] is unable to perform the duties of his own occupation," Attorney Quirino declared, after providing extensive medical evidence documenting various diagnostic images, cervical spine injections, physical therapy, prescription medications, skilled therapy, and other treatments our client endured in an effort to alleviate his suffering and regain some agency in his life.

Fortunately, our compassionate team at Dabdoub Law Firm successfully appealed Reliance’s wrongful termination, restoring the short-term disability benefits that they owed our client from the start.

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