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Guardian Life Insurance Terminates STD Benefits for New Hampshire Navy Veteran with PTSD

Dabdoub Law Firm Secures STD Benefits from Guardian Life Insurance

Last August, Dabdoub Law Firm had the privilege of helping our client in Amherst, NH file a claim for short-term disability (STD) benefits after an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Keep reading to learn how our firm fought to secure the disability benefits our New Hampshire client rightfully deserves.

Attorney Emily Quirino Successfully Secures STD Benefits for Amherst Client

Mr. David Gulbranson of Amherst, New Hampshire turned to our experienced disability lawyers for assistance filing his STD benefits claim with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

A Navy veteran, Mr. Gulbranson courageously served his country for many years before opting for a well-deserved retirement, leaving the military to work at a utility company, where he enjoyed his responsibilities as an electric system control operator.

Unfortunately, Mr. Gulbranson has gone on to develop a constellation of worsening health issues since leaving the Navy, including a type of circadian rhythm sleep disorder known as shift work sleep disorder, or SWSD. The issue soon exacerbated his other symptoms: as a veteran, Mr. Gulbranson also suffers from post-traumatic stress order (PTSD) and anxiety.

Attorney Emily Quirino, one of Dabdoub Law Firm’s accomplished disability insurance attorneys, explains that our Amherst client was brought to the emergency room last June by his wife after suffering a debilitating panic attack. While panic disorders are still widely stigmatized today, there’s no doubt that our client’s condition is acute, as he required sedation at the hospital to get his severe symptoms under control.

Following his visit to the E.R., Mr. Gulbranson graciously took the advice of his doctors and loved ones by deciding to take a much-needed step away from work to care for his mental and physical well-being. Fortunately, Dabdoub Law Firm successfully obtained the disability benefits that our New Hampshire client rightfully deserves from her insurer.

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Because disability insurance law is complicated, it is important to get legal help from a lawyer who focuses on disability law. As a law firm built to focus on disability insurance, our lawyers specialize in disability insurance. We spend every day working to get our clients' long-term disability benefits approved.

Because federal law applies to most disability insurance claims, we do not have to be located in your state to help. If your claim for long-term disability benefits was denied or delayed by an insurance company, call us to speak with a disability insurance attorney. We represent clients across the U.S. with:

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