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Long-Term Disability Appeal to Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company Presented a Multitude of Evidence in our Laguna Beach Administrative Assistant Client’s Favor

Dabdoub Law Firm recently advocated for a client requesting long-term disability (LTD) benefits from Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company (Reliance). Prior to her unfortunate disability, our client held the position of a senior administrative assistant at South Orange County Community College District, a role that required keen mental acumen and consistent management of a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. Her job description clearly stated that she was “tasked with performing a full spectrum of complex administrative support, secretarial, and clerical duties independently for a large/complex business, instructional, or student services program.” It further emphasized that our client was expected to function independently, seeking “instruction or assistance only in the face of new or unusual circumstances.”

The Unanimous Medical Consensus on Our Client's Disability

Our client has persistently sought treatment from various specialists, all unified by a single goal: her recovery and the resumption of a semblance of normalcy in her life. Her medical records are extensive, but one fact stands out distinctly - every doctor who has evaluated and treated our client concurs that she is undeniably disabled. This consensus is further reinforced by the letters penned by her treating providers, all of which unequivocally support this assessment. The documentation paints a vivid picture of our client's disability. To strengthen this appeal, we have included an abundance of records. It is clear that any objective individual reviewing this comprehensive record would readily conclude that our client definitively meets the criteria for disability and should rightfully receive the benefits she deserves.

Challenging Reliance’s Denial of Benefits

Reliance's denial of our client's claim appears to disregard the overwhelming body of evidence affirming her disability. Instead, it relies on detached paper-based evaluations conducted by consultants who have never directly interacted with our client. These evaluations seem to have grossly missed the mark, suggesting that our client faces no restrictions or limitations. Such a claim is untenable given the extensive medical record, which unequivocally documents her ongoing battle with a complex array of medical conditions. Moreover, it's crucial to note that every treating healthcare provider has conclusively determined that our client is indeed disabled.

Reliance realized they weren’t prepared to argue that our client was fabricating her medical conditions. Nor were they ready to suggest her treating providers, who have firsthand knowledge of her condition, were reporting untrue information. Reliance had no choice but to grant our client the benefits she rightfully deserved.

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