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Michigan Court Enters Default for Parties who Failed to Answer Life Insurance Interpleader Complaint

A Michigan federal court entered a default judgment against three parties who failed to answer a life insurance interpleader complaint. In an unusual set of circumstances, MetLife was the insurer of a life insurance policy issued to the decedent and the beneficiary was in dispute.


After Charlotte Malone passed away the representative of her estate filed a lawsuit against MetLife seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent them from issuing the life insurance benefit to Ms. Malone’s ex-husband. The parties agreed that no benefits would be paid until the Court made a decision on who the proper beneficiary is.

MetLife then filed interpleader complaints against three possible parties who could be entitled to Ms. Malone’s life insurance benefits.

Not one of the three parties appeared in the lawsuit nor answered the interpleader complaint. For this reason, MetLife moved to have the court:

  1. enter default judgment against the three parties for failure to respond,
  2. order MetLife to pay the life insurance benefit to the estate,
  3. discharge MetLife from further liability and
  4. dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice.

The court agreed and entered the orders.

If you are served with an interpleader complaint, do not ignore it.

This case demonstrates a very unique but important situation. When a life insurance beneficiary is uncertain or unknown, the court has to get involved to make a determination on who is owed the life insurance benefits based on the life insurance policy terms.

Failure to respond or appear in the lawsuit as an interpleader could result in your right to the life insurance benefits being discharged.

If you are served with a life insurance interpleader complaint, contact Daboub Law Firm and speak to an experienced life insurance attorney. We can explain the process, walk you through the options and represent you in court. We can help ensure you are paid life insurance benefits you are rightfully entitled to.

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