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Standard Insurance Reverses Termination on Appeal for Heart Conditions

Our firm filed an appeal with The Standard Insurance Company on behalf of our client for termination of long term disability benefits. The Standard improperly terminated benefits based on a brief and temporary improvement in her heart condition without properly analyzing all the medical evidence provided.

Our client suffers from a number of heart conditions that has rendered her disabled. As a result of her heart conditions, she suffers from fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and blackouts. Doing simple tasks like going grocery shopping is exhausting for her.

Once benefits had been approved and paid, The Standard received updated doctor’s reports and medical evidence, as is common for disability insurance companies to do. The Standard’s peer review doctor reported on two different occasions that our client had improved and determined that she could work, in a sedentary capacity. It wasn’t until after the second report, the Standard terminated her benefits. However, there were new medical records that showed her continued disability and worsening symptoms.

Although she went through a brief period where she was feeling better, it did not last long. The Standard failed to consider in their decision the new medical evidence that showed, overall, she was worsening. The Standard cherry picked the medical records and doctor’s notes for the one or two sentences that supported their position to terminate benefits.

As part of our appeal we filed a letter laying out the details of her history with the insurance claim and benefits, and all the relevant and up-to-date medical evidence. Upon receipt of our appeal letter and documentation and after a proper analysis of all the evidence, The Standard reversed their termination and awarded the benefits our client was due.

Because each client’s case is unique and has different facts, results similar to those in other clients’ cases are not guaranteed.