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Prudential Approves Florida Line/Plant Maintenance Tech's Disability Appeal Based on Chronic Pain

Prudential approved long-term disability benefits for our client who lives in St. Cloud, Florida. A former line/plant maintenance technician, the client initially stopped working due to a fracture in his left knee from a work-related injury. He was later diagnosed with several medical conditions that cause daily chronic low back pain, fatigue, radiculopathy, and shortness of breath. Prudential initially approved his short-term and long-term disability claims, but later terminated benefits when the definition of disability changed under the policy from his own, heavy occupation, to a sedentary one.

While Prudential’s long-term disability termination letter acknowledged our client’s medical conditions it hinged the termination on the paper-based review of its physician consultant.

We were contacted to handle the appeal of Prudential’s long-term disability claim termination. In addition to having our client’s doctors complete medical questionnaires, we obtained updated medical records from all attending physicians as well as prescription history. During the pendency of the appeal, our client was forced to have an emergency room visit due to his pain. Our appeal letter focused on the medical evidence and how Prudential could not reasonably conclude our client was capable of working even in a sedentary occupation. All of our client’s doctors unanimously opined he could sit, stand, and walk for two hours or less in a workday. Additionally, our firm continually followed up with Prudential to ensure a decision was made within the timeframe required under ERISA.

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